MasterCast 720M - A liquid mortar plasticiser 

Formerly Rheomix 720 M


MasterCast 720M is a liquid, ultra stable, 'micro' air-entraining mortar plasticiser, designed to enhance the workability and freeze/thaw resistance of brick and block laying mortars. MasterCast 720M may be used to replace or supplement the use of lime, and is designed to cope with variations in cement and aggregate sources and quality. 

Where is MasterCast 720M applied?

MasterCast 720M is an admixture for mortars that improves the workability of brick laying and plastering mortars and increases their resistance to freeze/thaw cycles. MasterCast 720M is particularly valuable in cold weather, for damp or exposed work or when restricted site or safety conditions do not permit storage of lime. 

What are the advantages of MasterCast 720M?

  • Ultra stable bubble structure 
  • Uniform air-entrainment 
  • Compatible with most types of Portland cement and difficult sands 
  • Increased resistance to damage by freeze/thaw cycles  Reduced segregation and bleed 
  • Greatly improved plasticity 
  • Reduced permeability 
  • Non-corrosive to embedded metals 
  • Easier and faster mortar spread 
  • Fully compatible with mixes containing lime 
  • Reduces incidence of efflorescence in mortar 
  • Can be used to replace lime

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterCast 720M TDS

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MasterCast 720M MSDS

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