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    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 - Admixture Controlled Energy Essential component of Zero Energy system. A chloride free, new generation of polycarboxylic ether superplasticizer


    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 is an innovative third generation of polycarboxylic ether polymers superplasticizer. The particular molecular configuration of MasterGlenium ACE 3383 accelerates the cement hydration. 

    Where is MasterGlenium ACE 3383 applied?

    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 is suitable for making precast concrete elements with Rheoplastic concrete having fluid consistence, no segregation and low water cement ratio and, consequently, high early and long-term strengths. 

    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 may be used in combination with MasterGlenium STREAM admixtures for producing Rheodynamic concrete, capable of selfcompaction, even in the presence of dense reinforcement, without the aid of vibration, for making precast elements. 

    What are the advantages of MasterGlenium ACE 3383?

    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 offers the following benefits for the precast concrete industry to: 

    • Produce Rheoplastic and Rheodynamic concrete having a low water cement ratio
    • Optimize the curing cycles by reducing curing time or curing temperature 
    • Eliminate the heat curing
    • Eliminate the energy required for placing and compaction and curing (ZERO ENERGY)
    • Increase productivity 
    • Improve surface appearance
    • Produce durable precast concrete elements as per EN 206-1 
    • As compared to the traditional superplasticizers, the engineering properties such as early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths, bond to steel, and modulus of elasticity, shrinkage, creep, and impermeability are improved


    MasterGlenium ACE 3383 TDS

    pdf (353,47 Kb)

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