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    MasterPozzolith 504 - a water reducing plasticizing admixture for concrete

    How does MasterPozzolith 504 work?

    MasterPozzolith 504 is a powerful plasticizer based on polymers which disperses and deflocculates the cement particles within a concrete mix. It can be used to improve workability, without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content of the concrete mix. MasterPozzolith 504 is extremely versatile in application and is effective over a wide range of mix designs and cement contents.

    MasterPozzolith 504 complies with ASTM C-494 Types B & D

    What is MasterPozzolith 504 used for?

    MasterPozzolith 504 is used to increase and extend workability; increase compressive strength and effect cement economies. The wide dosage range of MasterPozzolith 504 enables water reductions to produce a dense concrete with reduced permeability and reduced water penetration. MasterPozzolith 504 is also used in areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit; wherever reduced water contents would be of benefit and in hot weather to extend workability.

    What are the benefits of MasterPozzolith 504?

    MasterPozzolith 504 has been formulated specifically for use in the Middle East climate and offers the following advantages:

    • Significantly improves the workability of a concrete therefore reducing placing time.
    • Improves the cohesive properties of the concrete helping to reduce segregation and bleed.
    • Allows water reduction to be achieved whilst maintaining workability, thereby increasing strength, durability and impermeability.
    • Enables economies in mix designs to be achieved.


    MasterPozzolith 504 TDS

    pdf (247,81 Kb)

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