MasterRheobuild 2000M - A high range, melamine-based superplasticiser

Formerly Rheobuild 2000M


MasterRheobuild 2000M is a chloride-free, admixture based on melamine formaldehyde, formulated for the production of rheoplastic concrete. Available as a liquid, or in powder form, it must be dissolved in water prior to use.

Where is MasterRheobuild 2000M applied?

  • For the production of rheoplastic concrete 
  • To produce high early strength concrete 
  • Pre-cast concrete 
  • Concrete with white cement 

What are the advantages of MasterRheobuild 2000M?

  • Translucent colour enables use with white cement concrete 
  • Produces highly impermeable, dense concrete with enhanced durability 
  • Enables higher strength and high workability concrete to be produced with normal cement contents 
  • Enables pre-cast units to be demoulded in 12 to 16 hours 
  • Can be used to produce self-compacting flowing concrete, which requires little or no vibration

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterRheobuild 2000M MSDS

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