MasterRheobuild 2270 - A high range, water-reducing, superplasticising admixture for the production of rheoplastic concrete

Formerly Rheobuild 2270


The basic components of MasterRheobuild 2270 are synthetic polymers, which allow mixing water to be reduced considerably and concrete strength to be enhanced significantly, particularly at early ages. MasterRheobuild 2270 is a chloride-free product. 

Where is MasterRheobuild 2270 applied?

  • Production of rheoplastic self-compacting concrete 
  • Pre-cast concrete 
  • Low w/c ratio concrete 
  • For concrete to be placed in complicated formwork or with congested reinforcement

What are the advantages of MasterRheobuild 2270?

  • MasterRheobuild 2270 allows the production of very flowable concrete, with a low w/c ratio. 
  • Concrete with MasterRheobuild 2270 shows early strengths higher than concrete without admixture having the same workability. 
  • The increase in strength, especially evident at early ages, remains at later ages, both in aircured and steam-cured processes.
  • Initial and final sets do not change significantly with respect to concrete without admixture. 

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterRheobuild 2270

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MasterRheobuild 2270 MSDS

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