MasterSeal 920 - A cellular, preformed, low-density joint filler

Formerly Masterseal Support Strip


Closed cell polyethylene foam with a tough, nonporous skin. Specially designed for use as a back-support strip for cold applied sealants.

Where is MasterSeal 920 applied?

  • Between pre-fabricated concrete panels, window frames and walls 
  • In tiled floors, concrete roads, runways, bridge expansion joints, sea walls, dams, sewage treatment plants 
  • It can be used in gasketing and glazing where it is used as a backing to glazing compounds 

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 920?

  • Easy to use 
  • High quality 
  • Non-staining 
  • Outstanding recovery after compression 
  • Readily compressible, excellent recovery 
  • Sealants (Polysulphide, acrylic, silicone, polyurethane) will not adhere to it 
  • Ensure controlled usage of sealant, as well as producing the desired cross section in the sealant which leads to the optimum/minimum strain shape for elastomeric sealants 
  • Remains flexible and resilient even when compressed and over a wide range of temperatures 

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterSeal 920 TDS

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