​BASF launches new MasterTop flooring and wall products on the European market

  • Anti-static body coat for industrial flooring solutions
  • White top coat with great hiding power and fire-resistant body coat for wall covering solutions

Oldenburg, Germany – September 3, 2015 – With MasterTop BC 372AS BASF has added an anti-static, epoxy body coat to its product portfolio of flooring solutions which is bundled under the Master Builders Solutions® brand. The main advantages of the new product are improved de-aeration and self-levelling properties, thus easing the installation. MasterTop BC 372AS offers customers flexibility as well as cost optimization as part of a modular system that can be adapted to individual requirements. Moreover it complies with the low emission requirements of the AgBB-standard (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten / Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products) and is also available as an anti-slip version thus contributing to work-safety. MasterTop BC 372AS offers creative leeway being available in nearly all RAL and NCS colors. The anti-static properties (resistance to ground) of MasterTop BC 372AS are according to norm EN 1081 and therefore optimally suited to minimize static electricity in warehousing applications and ideal for installations in industrial facilities where there is a risk of dust or solvent explosion in production such as in the pharmaceutical industry.
To further improve the MasterTop wall covering solutions BASF has launched MasterTop BC 328FLR and MasterTop TC 427W. Besides enhanced hiding power of the white top coat and the slightly colored body coat, further advantages are better workability – thus an easier installation by trowel and roller – and improved elasticity and static crack bridging properties, providing enhanced durability and impact resistance. Moreover MasterTop BC 328FLR and MasterTop TC 427W feature low emissions according to the AgBB standard. Both the body coat as well as the top coat are used in the seamless MasterTop WS 300 PU and MasterTop WS 200 PU wall systems, which are well-suited for applications in commercial institutional and industrial facilities, public buildings as well as wet areas like bathrooms.
“The launch of our new products confirms our approach of continuous research and development. Our aim is to offer our customers steadily improved flooring solutions and wall coverings,” says Luc Van Eldere, Head of Business Segment Management, Performance Flooring Europe.

MasterTop – the right choice for your project

Under the brand MasterTop, BASF offers a broad portfolio of innovative, liquid-applied resin flooring solutions for a wide range of applications in public buildings, healthcare facilities, the hotel industry and production halls – to name just a few. As the requirements faced by each individual floor are different, MasterTop products have been developed in such a way that they can be tailored individually to meet specific performance criteria, technical and aesthetic requirements, as well as allowing fast, cost-effective application. The non-solvented MasterTop systems feature low emissions, high strength and low maintenance costs combined with high durability. Thanks to the wide variety of colors available and liquid application, these flooring systems also allow individual seamless floor designs with respect to shapes and color; MasterTop wall coverings enable a seamless transition between floors and walls thus ensuring the highest possible levels of hygiene and holistic interior design.
The Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF attach particular importance to research and development of new, low emission and durable flooring and wall solutions for indoor use. At BASF´s site in Oldenburg the Master Builders Solutions Training Center has been officially opened in April 2015. Here the use and the benefits of the innovative products can be demonstrated to customers at one central location in Europe.

Direct contact

Andrew Barlow

Marketing Co-ordinator BASF plc

+44 161 485 6222

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