Designers welcome sustainable chemistry at Ecobuild

BASF Construction Chemicals recently used Ecobuild 2016 at London’s ExCel as an opportunity to showcase the chemistry it creates for sustainable construction. With over 96% of the top 25 UK architectural practices attending this event along with 85% of the top 25 contractors, the team highlighted solutions such as Green Sense Concrete and MasterTop PUre sustainable resin flooring.

Green Sense Concrete

BASF’s Green Sense Concrete - The Concrete Technology for Sustainable
Construction is now available in the UK. Green Sense Concrete offers an improvement on economic performance and energy efficiency of buildings, which supports owners in obtaining sustainability certification for their buildings. BASF addresses the environmental footprint of concrete and provides full life-cycle data. Third-party validated tools and services allow BASF to evaluate and compare the sustainable benefits of products to help construction professionals make informed decisions.

MasterTop PUre sustainable resin flooring

Floors from Master Builders Solutions contribute to sustainable development The extreme durability of the flooring solutions and their low maintenance costs result in a positive eco-balance over their entire life cycle. Further advantages are easy maintenance and low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Sustainability is a complex interplay of environmental, social and economic aspects. BASF Construction Chemicals have analysed them, applied them to their flooring systems and finally generated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that have been certified by an independent authority.

BASF’s Tim Thomas, Global Consultant for Sustainable Construction, commented: “A lot of people are very comfortable with BASF as a supplier of innovative and high performance products for the building industry. Our focus at Ecobuild has been on spreading the message of the potential benefits that can be achieved using our Green Sense Technology with anyone who is interested in sustainability in construction.”

In response to the solutions, which are designed to deliver a low carbon footprint alongside high performance, the feedback from visitors was positive. Tim commented: “The biggest message we are getting from the contacts we've made is ‘thank you’ – they’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with a company that they trust and they have a confidence that we’re going to bring these ideas and solutions to them for their projects. There’s a great benefit in connecting with the people who are going to design the future.”

Direct contact

Andrew Barlow

Marketing Co-ordinator BASF plc

+44 161 485 6222

Ucrete Industrial Flooring Teaser Image

Ucrete Industrial Flooring

Ucrete uses a unique polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution.

Ucrete Destruction Challenge Video

The World´s toughest Floor