BASF’s MasterTop 1300 flooring systems achieve A+ ratings in BRE’s Green Guide

Systems from BASF’s MasterTop polyurethane resin flooring range are now A+ listed for different specifications in the Building Research Establishment (BRE)’s Green Guide, which gives designers and specifiers guidance on the best environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components. 
BREEAM assessment measures building materials’ environmental impact across their entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. MasterTop’s 1300 series Green Guide-rated systems are among the few flooring options available that contribute to credits for BREEAM environmental assessment for buildings.
Building types within BREEAM are categorised as domestic, health, industrial, commercial, retail or education. Specifiers can search under these building types for rated materials for many aspects of the building’s construction such as windows, walls, roofs and floor finishes.
According to FeRFA, the UK’s resin flooring association, BREEAM resin flooring systems vary widely regarding the materials used, types available and benefits provided. As a result, resin systems are often designed to provide a specification that is unique to a project. This diversity can make gaining BREEAM assessment a challenge, as ratings are generally generic in nature.
Robert Bentley of BASF said: “Architects and building owners are keen to achieve the best possible score for their BREEAM building certification. Working with BRE to achieve environmental product profiles, we went through an intensive certification process over nine months. We’re delighted with the outcome, which places the majority of installations of our flooring in different environments in the A+ bracket, making them a valuable addition to any building.”

The Green Guide’s online resource can be accessed at: 

MasterTop Systems’ BRE Green Guide ratings are as follows:

​Flooring System Green Guide Ratings​ ​ ​

​Homes​SchoolsOffices​​Health​Industrial Shed
​​MasterTop 1324 / 1324R​A+​A+​A+​A+​A+
MasterTop 1324AS / 1324ESD ​A​A+​A+​A+​A+
MasterTop 1325 / 1325R​A​A+​A​A+​A
MasterTop 1326 / 1326R​A​A​A​A+​A
MasterTop 1327-16dB
​​MasterTop 1327-20dB​B​B​B​A​B

Access to the Green Guide Online is free, but requires users to register before use at  

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