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    MasterFlow 9800 high strength, bulk supplied offshore grout

    MasterFlow 9800 is a bulk supplied, high strength and fatigue resistant cement based grout for offshore wind turbine installations, which allows grouting in the shortest weather window.

    MasterFlow 9800 has been especially formulated for large scale, pump applications, e.g. grouted connections in typical jacket foundations, installed using the pre- or post-pilling techniques.

    MasterFlow 9600 skirt backfill for monopile foundations

    MasterFlow 9600 is a bulk supplied, offshore grout for grouting foundations of wind turbine installations, which has been specially developed for use as volume stable skirt backfill for monopile foundations with bolted connections.

    MasterFlow 9500 Ultra-high strength grout

    Wind turbines are special, their safe and durable installation largely depends on the correct design and interaction of all components starting from the foundations.

    MasterFlow 9500 is an ultra-high strength, high modulus, fatigue resistant grout for grouted connections used in offshore installations e.g. monopile, transition piece foundations, jackets or gravity based concrete foundations. MasterFlow 9500 contributes to the long term and maintenance free operation of the wind farm.

    MasterFlow 648 – High Strength Epoxy Grout

    Ensuring proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads, vibration and rotational torque, MasterFlow 648 protects critical equipment, improving reliability, operating efficiency and life cycle of machinery. BASF has carefully balanced the important physical properties and application behavior of MasterFlow 648 to ensure uncompromised, durable support. And while the grout supports the equipment, the knowledgeable BASF Technical Teams on all continents support the engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners who specify and install MasterFlow 648 to ensure quality, hassle-free project execution.