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Water is the most destructive weathering element for concrete, masonry and stone structures, damaging or destroying more buildings and structures than war or natural disasters. Whether above-ground or below-ground, all buildings must be able to resist unwanted water in some respect, in the form of rainwater, moisture or hydrostatic pressure. Hydraulic civil structures face yet more challenges in withstanding the ongoing effects of constant immersion.
Good waterproofing, or water resistance, can be the key factor in ensuring a structure’s longevity, yet the importance of this facet of structural design is not always given the attention it warrants. The majority of problems with water ingress occur in a relatively small proportion of a structure’s surface area, often where design details meet. Careful consideration at the design stage can limit cracks, leaks and potentially serious structural damage over a structure’s lifecycle, providing that trades work together at the construction stage to implement design details successfully.
BASF Construction Chemicals takes a holistic approach to waterproofing that covers both new-build and refurbishment solutions. Driven by the belief that prevention is better than cure, we address waterproofing from first principles, including admixtures for concrete, as well as offering retrofit solutions.

Watertight Concrete Solutions

  • Single source system approach
  • Single point liability
  • Local environment suitability
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

High performance integral waterproofing

Admixture Systems

Concrete naturally contains many pores which are called capillaries and are linked to water/ cement ratios. The higher the water/cement ratio, the higher the number of capillary pores. The first component of BASF’s Watertight Concrete Solutions is the water reducing aspect. Therefore, for a given consistency, a lower amount of water will be needed thus reducing the water/cement ratio. The lower the water/cement ratio, the lower the number of capillary pores. This still leaves some capillaries as a potential route for water ingress and transmittal through the structure. However, BASF’s MasterLife technology lines the capillaries and provides a blocking action to prevent water ingress and transmission.
Introducing MasterLife WP 799
MasterLife WP 799 is BASF’s all-in-one hydrophilic pore blocker with superplasticizing admixtures for concrete. On the completion of the concrete’s correct placing, compaction and curing, the system provides a watertight structure with minimum effect on the original appearance and texture.

Joint Systems

As part of BASF’s Watertight Concrete Solutions, MasterSeal 910 hydrophilic waterstop and MasterInject 900 re-injectable hose system for construction joints are the high-performance alternative to waterbars where watertight joints are essential.
MasterSeal 910
MasterInject 900
MasterInject 625
MasterSeal 930

Technical Specification:


All concrete detailed to be constructed as part of the BASF Watertight Concrete System must conform to the following specification and any pertinent British, and/or British European Standards. Where there are no specific standards covering an operation, or part of an operation, then it is expected that recognised industry best practice is utilised. Click here to read more

Application Illustrations:

Standard Detail for Column Penetration through Slab - Box Out Method
Standard Detail for Secant Pile Construction Joint - Slab
Standard Detail for Sheet Pile Construction Joint – Slab
Standard Detail For Through Wall Penetration - Box Out Method
Standard Details for Contiguous Pile Construction
Standard Lift Pit Construction
Standard Penetration Detail - Cast-in Method
Standard Stepped Wall-Kicker Construction Joint Detail
Standard Wall-Kicker and Vertical Construction Joint Detail

Project References:

Deep Recovery Facility, Sellafield

Our Watertight System was used in the construction of a pond holding 6.5 million litres of water, where work methods likely to be suitable for real-life situations at Sellafield Limited could be tested. This included possible scenarios involved in decommissioning the world’s largest open-air nuclear fuel storage pond (NFSP). The new facility was constructed to a depth of 6 meters to replicate the depth of one of the ponds on Sellafield Limited’s site. A travelling crane was incorporated into the design and was modified to simulate limited recovery operations.

Goodmans Field, London

Master Builders Solutions’ role in this prestigious development was the combined sub and superstructure package of this 10-storey student residential building and basement. The substructure comprised of a waterproof reinforced concrete basement and below ground drainage. The superstructure hybrid construction comprised of reinforced concrete slabs, twinwall and precast columns.

Ramsgate Leisure Centre, Kent

ISG designed and built an extension to the Ramsgate Leisure Centre including the construction of a 25 meter six-lane swimming pool, a learner pool, a spa facility, a new reception area and a cafeteria. MasterLife WP 799 was utilised for the waterproofing of both swimming pools, lift pits and wet areas around the perimeter of the pools.

Elephant and Castle Leisure Centre, London

MasterLife WP 799 waterproofing admixture was used to waterproof the main pool, child’s pool, and plant rooms. MasterSeal 910 and MasterSeal 912 ensured that all construction remained watertight. MasterInject 625 tie-hole solution waterproofed all tie-holes left from the formwork system ensuring each one was sealed permanently. Once constructed, the pools were filled and tested to BS8007 for watertightness for a period of 28 days, which both pools passed.

Belsham Street Hackney, London

MasterLife WP 799 waterproofing admixture was used in the construction of the basements of three of the nine apartments in this mixed-use development. MasterSeal 910 and MasterSeal 912 waterproofed all day joints and pipe perforations to ensure a watertight basement. MasterFinish RL 211 mould release oil was used on all formwork to ensure an architectural finish to the concrete that was left exposed inside the three basement flats.

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