​MasterSeal Roof
Hot Spray Applied Waterproofing Solution for all Roofs

Hot spray systems are watertight, have excellent crack-bridging properties, are wear-resistant and have a lightweight, which makes them ideal for roof waterproofing applications. 
Hot spray systems in the MasterSeal Roof range can be applied to all kinds of buildings and are suitable for all: 
  • Slopes: can be applied on vertical, horizontal and sloped surfaces 
  • Shapes: guarantee perfect forming in shaped surfac​es from flat to round roofs including the most unconventional shapes and green roofs
  • Weather conditions: resist a wide range of temperatures and environmental effects such as pollution and acid rain without special heavy-duty protection
  • Uses: resist all kinds of traffic and loads typical of the roof deck of a​ car park
  • Substrates: can be installed on most substrates including old concrete, build-up felt asphalt and timber substrates in both new and refurbishment projects
  • Details: allow easy detailing, creating the membrane around the details quickly without any seams, prefabricated moulded parts, mechanical fixing or additional flashings.​​

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Key benefits at a glance



Hot spray systems are highly elastic, UV-stable and can easily be sprayed, allowing seamless waterproofing on the complex shapes of skylights, roof drains, etc.

​​MasterSeal Roof​

​​​MasterSeal Coating
Fast curing

Fast curing

Hot spray membranes take only a few seconds to harden, allowing a very fast return to service. This means they are less dependent on weather conditions than traditional systems.



A primer is the foundation of all systems and ensures adhesion between the protective system and the substrate.

Chemicals and mechanical resistance

Chemical and mechanical resistance

Hot spray membranes are exceptionally robust and resistant to mechanical wear, abrasion and UV-stable and can be used without special protection on top.


The membrane is the watertight and flexible layer which gives its properties to the complete system.

Durability and maintenance costs

Durability and maintenance costs

Hot spray membranes are a long-lasting and very reliable solution which ensures a significant reduction in maintenance costs during the life cycle of the structures to which they are applied.


Top coat

The top coat has a key role and must ensure full protection against: temperature variations, sunlight, attack by deicing salts, and wheel abrasion. It has to be easy to clean and allow a fast return to service.

​​Select the correct system for your roof​​​​​

​MasterSeal Roof 2103
MasterSeal Roof 2111​
MasterSeal Roof 2689​
​Key Benefits
  • Fire- retardant
  • Available in a wide color range​
  • Available in a wide color range​
  • UV-resistant membrane, making the top coat optional when very fast application is needed​
Fire behaviour
  • EN 13501-5 Class Broof T1​
  • ​EN 13501-5 ​Class Broof T2
  • EN 13501-5 Class Broof T4​
Standards and certifications
  • European Technical Assessment for Roof ETA -04-0035​
  • ​​European Technical Assessment for Roof ETA -18-0296​
  • ​​European Technical Assessment for Roof ETA-17-0508​
System build-up



Checklist & Technical drawings

Click on the link below to download the checklist and the technical drawings that our experts created to guide you successfully through your car park projects!

Product sample

Product sample

Click here to request a sample and see for yourself how flexible and resistant our hot spray systems are!

Articles and videos​

Hot spray applied waterproofing systems for roofing

Our expert Klaus Claassen challenges the seamless application on complex shapes of our hot spray applied waterproofing solutions. Check it out now!

​​Discover other fields of application

Hot Spray Water tanks

Water tanks

Hot spray systems cope very well with the specific challenges of water storage where the water tries constantly to escape through the weakest parts of the structure.

Is one single solution for all types of roofs possible?

Is one single solution for all types of roofs possible?

As part of the building envelope, and being indeed its top surface, the roof needs a durable waterproofing system adapted to temperature changes and changing environmental conditions.


Hot Spray Car parks

Car parks

Hot spray systems ensure optimum protection against the different challenges of a multi-storey car park and prevent rain water, snow and deicing salts from migrating to the lower levels or inside the building. 

Hot spray applied waterproofing vs. bitumen sheets

Hot spray applied waterproofing vs. bitumen sheets

Bitumen has been a well-known waterproofing material for centuries; the bitumen sheets now available represent the final stage of evolution of this material.


Hot Spray Secondary containment

Secondary containment

The combination of excellent chemical resistance with crack-bridging properties makes the hot spray systems a preferred solution for secondary containment applications.