MasterAir - air-entraining admixtures with advanced freeze-thaw durability


How does MasterAir air-entraining admixture work?

MasterAir air-entraining admixtures facilitate the development of a stable air void system within concrete that increases the durability of the concrete.

Improving concrete workability.

Using MasterAir admixtures results in increased resistance to deterioration from cyclic freezing and thawing exposure conditions. These products also improve workability and cohesiveness of concrete facilitating placement.

MasterAir Products 

MasterAir 130

MasterAir 130 is a liquid air-entraining admixture which produces ultra-stable air bubbles with good bubble size and spacing factor. It is particularly suitable for use in both mortar and concrete applications.

MasterAir 189

MasterAir 189 is an Integral concrete plasticizer and water reducing agent based on lignosulphonate with moderate air entraining properties.

MasterAir 119

MasterAir 119 is an air-entraining admixture which gives concrete extra protection by creating ultra-stable air bubbles that are strong, small and closely spaced.

MasterAir 760

MasterAir 760 is a ready-to-use powder mortar admixture, designed to entrain air, plasticise and extend workability.
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