MasterAir 119

Air entraining admixture for concrete

How does MasterAir 119 work?

MasterAir 119 is an air-entraining admixture which gives concrete extra protection by creating ultra-stable air bubbles that are strong, small and closely spaced - a characteristic especially useful in the types of concrete known for their difficulty to entrain and maintain the air content desired. Even when used at a lower dosage rate than standard air-entraining admixtures MasterAir 119 complies with ASTM C-260, and Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRSR) approval listing 0301527

What is MasterAir 119 used for?

Concrete durability research has established that the best protection for concrete from the adverse effects of freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salts results from: proper air content in the hardened concrete; a suitable air-void system in terms of bubble size and spacing; and adequate concrete strength; assuming the use of sound aggregates and proper mixing, placing, handling and curing techniques.
The rate of use of an air-entraining admixture depends on the air content to be obtained along with many other factors. The amount normally required is reduced by the introduction of water-reducing, set-controlling admixture
MasterAir 119 entrains controlled air contents in concrete exposed to freeze/thaw attack and reduces bleeding due to poor aggregate grading.

What are the benefits of MasterAir 119?

The entrainment of optimum air content in concrete using MasterAir 119 results in the following improvements in concrete quality:

  • Increased resistance to damage from freeze/thaw cycles and to scaling from de-icing salts.
  • Reduced permeability - increased water-tightness.
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding.
  • Improved plasticity and workability.
  • Greatly improved stability of air entrainment.
  • Improved air-void system in hardened concrete.
  • Improved ability to entrain and retain air in low-slump concrete; concrete containing high-carbon content fly ash; concrete containing large amounts of fine materials; concrete using high-alkali cements; high-temperature concrete; and concrete with extended mixing times.

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MasterAir 119 Declaration of Performance

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MasterAir 119: Technical Data Sheet

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