MasterAir 189

Air entraining admixture for concrete

How does MasterAir 189 work?

MasterAir 189 is an Integral concrete plasticizer and water reducing agent based on lignosulphonate with moderate air entraining properties. MasterAir 189 complies with CRD-C87, EN934 and meets the requirements of WRC for contact with potable water.

What is MasterAir 189 used for?

MasterAir 189 is used in areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit; in roads, runways, parking aprons to increase durability; in concrete brick and block manufacture and in mass pours to increase workability.
MasterAir 189 is also used for air entrained concrete; increasing workability; reducing bleeding in concrete and improve cohesive properties; increasing durability and reduce permeability and improving resistance to freeze/thaw attack and the effects of de-icing salts.

What are the benefits of MasterAir 189?

MasterAir 189 offers the following benefits:

  • MasterAir 189 enables air entrainment of approximately 5% into a concrete mix with a workability of 50mm. Its plasticizing action will give an increase in workability thus facilitating a high water reduction in the water content of approximately 10-15%.
  • These properties will allow air entrainment in the concrete without loss in strength, which normally would be associated with air entrainment subject to normal mix adjustments.
  • Concrete will be less susceptible to bleeding and segregation, especially where being poured or pumped, and will have increased durability and reduced permeability.
  • Of particular benefit in crushed aggregate mixes where the improved cohesion of the mix results in minimising sand runs and eliminating bleeding.
  • Cohesion of the mix aids pouring and placing of concrete.
  • The powerful air entraining agent in MasterAir 189 is enables it to entrain controlled amounts of air bubbles of optimum spacing and diameter into the concrete to give high durability under freeze-thaw conditions.

Direct contact

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Technical Services Manager

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MasterAir 189 Declaration of Performance

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MasterAir 189: Technical Data Sheet

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