MasterAir 760

Air entraining and plasticizing admixture for mortar

How does MasterAir 760 work?

MasterAir 760 is a ready-to-use powder mortar admixture, designed to entrain air, plasticise and extend workability.

What is MasterAir 760 used for?

MasterAir 760 is used in Dry Silo Mortar (DSM) to improve cohesiveness and workability retention, in both bricklaying and rendering applications.
MasterAir 760 aids resistance of mortar to frost attack in both wet and hardened state; also increases long-term durability of both cement/sand and cement/lime/sand mortar.

What are the benefits of MasterAir 760?

MasterAir 760 offers the following benefits for mortar:

  • Increases open time of mortar.
  • Reduces bleed and segregation in the mix.
  • Improves cohesiveness and bond strength.
  • Improves frost resistance.
  • Improves finish after pointing.
  • Easy to use single admixture system
  • Air entrained mixes produce greatly enhanced working properties with a reduced demand for mixing water. MasterAir 760 also improves frost resistance in both freshly laid and hardened mortars, as the microscopic air bubbles entrained provide space for expansion of water due to freezing.

Direct contact

Ian Ellis

Technical Services Manager

+44 7966 123447


MasterAir 760: Technical Data Sheet

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