MasterCast 777

High range water reducing admixture specially designed for use in Manufactured Concrete Products

How does MasterCast 777 work?

MasterCast 777 is an innovative multi-purpose plasticizer based on a carefully selected blend of polymers, specially developed for use in concrete blocks or in other dry-mix applications. MasterCast 777 is a key component to BASF’s FIT 4 VALUE concept. FIT 4 VALUE considers the four elements essential for MCP Manufactures: FIT for Economics, FIT for Performance, FIT for Aesthetics, FIT for Durability.
Here, FIT means meeting every requirement for economics, performance, aesthetics and durability.
MasterCast 777 primarily has a threefold action. Whereas, MasterCast 777 disperses the cement particles within the mix and thus improves the cement hydration; increases the mobility of the cement paste and thus improves compaction. This also means that segregation and bleeding are controlled thus giving increased strength in the hardened state. MasterCast 777 also increases early strength development thus allowing for earlier lifting of blocks hence reducing labour costs and improving plant efficiency.

What is MasterCast 777 used for?

MasterCast 777 is suitable for use in the manufacturing of concrete blocks and dry-mix applications.

What are the benefits of MasterCast 777?

MasterCast 777 aids in the production of concrete blocks by:

  • Improving cohesion which allows the use of a wider range of aggregates without loss of quality.
  • Lubricating the concrete mix to improve compaction.
  • Giving greater cement savings (10-15%) whilst maintaining required compressive strength.
  • Improving the finished appearance of the product even with poor shaped aggregates.
  • Preventing premature drying of the concrete blocks in warm or windy conditions.

Direct contact

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Technical Services Manager

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MasterCast 777: Technical Data Sheet

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