MasterEase 3925

High range water reducing admixture, with enhanced rheological performance

How does MasterEase 3925 work?

MasterEase 3925 is an innovative superplasticizer based on a state of the art polymer.
With MasterEase 3925 it is now possible to obtain a high-quality concrete mix with extended consistence retention and extended superior concrete rheology. The unique polymer enables true consistence retention & rheology retention to be achieved across a broad spectrum of consistence classes (S3 to SF3). This is achieved without set retardation or reduced 24-hour strength performance.

What is MasterEase 3925 used for?

MasterEase 3925 is especially beneficial for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete particularly when high water reductions are required in combination with a requirement for an extended period of workability e.g. long-distance deliveries, or deliveries with extended discharge times. MasterEase 3925 is designed to exhibit workability retention for periods up to 3 hours, & in some cases longer. The enhanced rheology of the resultant concrete allows low water cement ratios to be achieved without the traditionally accepted increased levels of stickiness. This is particularly beneficial in areas of heavily congested reinforcement, or complex formwork design.

What are the benefits of MasterEase 3925?

MasterEase 3925 offers the following benefits:

The ready-mix producer:

  • Production of a concrete with low water cement ratio that meets EN 206-1 without loss of workability and with a reduction in concrete stickiness.
  • Single product for many application needs.
  • Enhanced retention performance with cements containing either GGBS or PFA
  • Enhanced rheology with high GGBS or PFA content concretes such as CIIIB or CIVB-V
  • Confidence that the workability & rheology will be the same at the job site as it was when first produced.

The contractor / applicator:

  • Easier   placing   and   faster   strength development.
  • Improved concrete surfaces, & reduced finishing time.
  • Guarantee to place the same concrete as specified and ordered from ready-mix plant.
  • More versatile concrete mix.

The engineer:

  • Insurance that concrete meets original specification
  • Confidence in the concrete’s ability to be paced in areas of congested reinforcement.
  • High quality concrete with better durability.

Direct contact

Ian Ellis

Technical Services Manager

+44 7966 123447


MasterEase 3925: Declaration of Performance

pdf (61.62 Kb)

MasterEase 3925: Technical Data Sheet

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