MasterEmaco N 5100 FC

Cementitious leveling mortar

What is MasterEmaco N 5100 FC?

MasterEmaco N 5100 FC is a fast setting leveling mortar from 0.5 up to 7mm thickness for large areas. For small patch repair it can be applied up to 10 mm. It is a ready-to-use material to be applied by hand or trowel. When mixed with water it forms a mortar with an exceptional wide range of applications. MasterEmaco N 5100 is used for thin layer repairs, filling honeycombs and pinholes. It is ideal for thin resurfacing of damaged concrete surfaces. It is used as blowhole filler within the precast industry or anywhere where minor defects in concrete structures have to be repaired.

What makes MasterEmaco N 5100 FC a unique solution?

MasterEmaco N 5100 FC has superb application properties and feel on the trowel with excellent smoothing properties. It contains special cements, well graded sands, carefully selected polymers and fibers to reduce shrinkage, providing excellent application properties and crack free surfaces. Due to its fast setting properties it is ideal for non-structural repair where short over-coating times of only a few hours are needed.

Speed of refurbishment is supported significantly through fast setting properties.

Applicators will finish construction faster and owners can reduce the downtime of the structure to a minimum.

Direct contact

Chris Gallivan

Product Manager

+44 7966123422


MasterEmaco N 5100 FC: Declaration of Performance

pdf (140.91 Kb)

MasterEmaco N 5100 FC: Technical Data Sheet

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