MasterEmaco T 1200 PG

Fluid, fast setting traffic repair mortar

What is MasterEmaco T 1200 PG?

MasterEmaco T 1200 PG is a one component, cement based, fluid, PAN fibre reinforced, sulphate resistant high strength repair and bedding mortar. It has rapid strength build-up even in sub-zero temperatures, improved durability and very low drying shrinkage.
Master Emaco T 1200 PG is used as a pourable bedding mortar under manhole frames and for horizontal repair on large areas. It is used for grouting pavement stones.

What makes MasterEmaco T 1200 PG a unique solution?

Ultra rapid strength build-up and final mechanical strength with extremely low and unmatched shrinkage values. Excellent application properties for large repairs on horizontal areas due to pourable mortar consistency. Based on advanced formulation technology MasterEmacoT 1200 PG can be used in temperatures below freezing point and though, cures very fasten. At temperature of -5°C, compressive strength of above 45 Mpa is already achieved after 24 hours curing. A final strength of above 80 Mpa does not provide any limitations to be used for extreme traffic.

MasterEmaco T 1200 PG allows short construction time and therefore return to service more quickly, even during the cold season.

Without compromising technical performance and durability, MasterEmaco T 1200 PG can be applied in difficult outdoor conditions. Live traffic during works, cold temperatures and bad weather conditions is not a challenge and excellent product performance is still achieved.
For owners and applicators, construction season does not have to be stopped at winter time. Damages occurring during winter time can be repaired immediately to ensure traffic safety.

Direct contact

Chris Gallivan

Product Manager

+44 7966123422


MasterEmaco T 1200 PG: Declaration of Performance

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MasterEmaco T 1200 PG: Technical Data Sheet

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