MasterFinish - concrete additives for enhancing surface and finish


How do MasterFinish concrete additives work?

The MasterFinish product family imparts a wide range of concrete additives and form release agents to achieve an outstanding surface finish.

What makes MasterFinish a unique solution?

When applied to most forms and form liners, these unique admixtures are formulated to enhance the appearance of pre-cast, pre-stressed and poured-in-place concrete by allowing easy separation from the concrete surface. They significantly reduce production costs through their efficiency, ease of use and superb release capability. MasterFinish admixtures also contribute to an excellent surface appearance by enabling defined exposed aggregate design (or textures) as well as eliminating pinholes and other surface defects.

MasterFinish Products

MasterFinish SLB 101

MasterFinish SLB 101 - Water reducing admixture for the production of industrial floor slabs with power floated concrete finishes

MasterFinish FW 323

MasterFinish FW 323 is a mould wax with chemical and physical effects which reduces the friction during difficult formwork demoulding.

MasterFinish MPT 299

MasterFinish MPT 299 is a solvent-free protective agent formulated to reduce adherence of concrete residues on the metal surfaces of machinery and equipment.

MasterFinish RL 211

MasterFinish RL 211 is a ready-to-use Water emulsion form release agent for elements where excellent surface finish is important

MasterFinish RL 308

MasterFinish RL 308 is a form release agent for railway sleeper production
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MasterFinish - Making the difference to Concrete Aesthetics and Appearance Brochure

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Power Floated Concrete: Product Application Guide

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