MasterFlow 4800

Ultra-high strength cementitious precision grout for high impact and dynamic load bearing

What is MasterFlow 4800?

MasterFlow 4800 is a one component, cement based, metallic aggregate reinforced, non-shrink, ultra high strength precision grout. New binder technology and mineral aggregate combination brings very high toughness, durability and ultra-high early strengths.
MasterFlow 4800 is designed for use in assembling and fixing of industrial turbines, generators and compressors, rolling, stamping, grinding, drawing and finishing mills. It is also suitable solution for assembling forging hammers, rail tracks, crane rails, paper machine sole plates, and other machinery and equipment requiring high strength maximum bearing even in harsh environments.

What makes MasterFlow 4800 a unique solution?

MasterFlow 4800 is formulated with special binders and reinforced with metallic aggregate. It has ultra-high ultimate and early compressive, flexural and tensile strengths. It has high toughness and high impact resistance under dynamic and repetitive loading.
MasterfFlow 4800 has very high early strengths, which allow for full loading in 24 hours (at 20°C).
MasterFlow 4800 includes recycled metallic aggregate content. Expansion of the grout is controlled and it provides excellent adhesion to steel and concrete. MasterFlow 4800 is water impermeable and resistant against weathering actions.
MasterFlow 4800 hardens free of segregation, settlement or curing shrinkage when mixed, placed and cured. It can be applied down to +2°C and in thicknesses ranging from 20 -150mm.
MasterFlow 4800 is certified in compliance with EN 1504-6.

MasterFlow 4800 withstands very heavy static and dynamic loads in industrial applications.

Various high rotating turbines and mills and high dynamic loading machineries can be assembled and operated safely for long term by using MasterFlow 4800.
Very high early strengths allow for full loading in 24 hours (at 20°C) and bring savings by shorter downtimes and potential earnings from quicker start-ups.
Controlled expansion property and excellent adhesion to steel and concrete ensuring full transmission of loads and increases the operational safety of the machinery.
MasterFlow 4800 allows long lasting solutions even in outdoor applications in harsh environments. It has an extended application season covering winter time for more flexibility to owners and applicators.
MasterFlow 4800 can be applied in various grouting details without multiple layer applications or adding any additional gravel. Due to the recycled metallic aggregate content, MasterFlow 4800 contributes to LEED points.

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MasterFlow 4800: Technical Data Sheet

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