MasterFlow 648

Epoxy based, high strength precision grout for heavy dynamic and static loads

What is MasterFlow 648?

MasterFlow 648 is a three component, epoxy based, high strength precision grout for fixing heavy duty machinery. The final viscosity and flow characteristics can be adjusted to suit the particular project and application by varying the quantity of filler. Masterflow 648 combines high temperature performance and crack resistance with outstanding flow characteristics.
MasterFlow 648 is designed for use in assembling and fixing of compressors, turbines and generators to withstand heavy static and dynamic loads.

What makes MasterFlow 648 a unique solution?

Masterflow 648 has high toughness and high impact resistance under dynamic and repetitive loading. It is non-shrink and it has excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
Masterflow 648 resists many industrial chemicals. It maintains very high performance even at higher working temperatures with reduced creep. It is specifically designed to allow a variable filler ratio and can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 12 -150mm.
Masterflow 648 is certified in compliance with EN 1504-6.

Various high rotating turbines and mills and high dynamic loading machineries can be assembled and operated safely for long term with MasterFlow 648.

Non-shrink property and excellent adhesion to steel and concrete ensuring full transmission of loads and increases the operational safety of the machinery. Masterflow 648 can be used in harsh environments safely.
Rapid curing reduces downtime and allows prompt scheduling of new installation. Masterflow 648 maintains very high performance even at higher working temperatures with reduced creep and ensures precision alignment is maintained. Variable filler ratio allows to optimize flow ability, bearing area and economics. Masterflow 648 can cope with most machinery grouting geometries.

Direct contact

Chris Gallivan

Product Manager

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Masterflow 648: Technical Data Sheet

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