MasterFlow 765

Non shrink construction grout

What is MasterFlow 765?

MasterFlow 765 is a ready to use, non-shrink construction grout. It can be used from fluid to plastic consistencies for grouting of equipment and machinery, bearing pads, rails and anchoring.

Where is MasterFlow 765 used?

MasterFlow 765 is recommended for:

  • Grouting bearing pads and plinths
  • Grouting under machinery base plates, stanchion bases and crane rails
  • Anchoring bolts, reinforcing bars and rods
  • Underpinning

What are the benefits of using MasterFlow 765?

  • Non shrink for effective contact and support
  • High early strength for rapid installation and use of plant
  • Durable, uniform dense structure
  • Good workability for up to 1 hour at 20°C
  • Can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 10-100mm

Direct contact

Chris Gallivan

Product Manager

+44 7966123422


MasterFlow 765: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (116.03 Kb)


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