MasterFlow 9800 - A high strength, bulk supplied grout for grouting offshore wind turbine operations

How does MasterFlow 9800 work?

MasterFlow 9800 is a shrinkage compensated, cement based grout which when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowable and easy pumpable grout with exceptional mechanical and physical properties. Latest best binder packing models and applied cementitious nanotechnology produces a grout with superior technical performance and exceptional rheological properties.

What is MasterFlow 9800 used for?

MasterFlow 9800 has been especially formulated for large scale, pump applications including: 

  • Grouting of grouted connections in offshore installations, e.g. foundations of wind turbines or oil and gas installations.
  • Typical applications are pile-sleeve and stab-in-pile grouted connections, clamp repair, leg filling etc…
  • Grouting under very harsh conditions, e.g. offshore applications or below water grouting, at temperatures as low as 2°C.
  • All void filling from 30mm to 600mm thickness where high strength is important.

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 9800?

MasterFlow 9800 offers the following benefits:

  • Available as silo material.
  • Can be installed with a continuous mixing and pumping process. Typical output rates of ≥ 20 m³/hour per mixing unit.
  • C90/105 concrete strength class according EN206
  • Quick return to service and removal of temporary grippers due to high early strength build-up, even at low temperatures.
  • No segregation or bleeding to ensure consistent physical performance inside the grouted connection.
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • No wash-out during below water grouting.
  • Pumpable over long distances and large heights.

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Richard Elins

Operations Business Manager - Offshore WTG


MasterFlow 9800 - Revolutionising Productivity & Safety Bulk Supplied Offshore Grout

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