​MasterFlow 9400 - Ultra-high strength, cement based grout for onshore wind turbine installations

Where and how does MasterFlow 9400 work?

Masterflow 9400 is specialy designed for:
  • Grouting of wind turbine installations, that are installed using pre-stressing techniques e.g. base plate grouting of onshore wind turbines 
  • Installations where excellent fatigue resistance is required 
  • Onshore turbines where ultra-high final strengths are required 
  • Grouting in a wide temperature range. 
  • Anchoring anchor bolts of wind turbine towers 
  • All void filling from 25mm to 300mm (under tower flange) where high strength, high modulus, high ductility is important
MasterFlow 9400 is a shrinkage compensated, cement based grout which when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowable and pumpable grout with exceptionally high early and final strength and modulus.

What makes MasterFlow 9400 a unique solution?

The product exhibits increased fatigue. Latest best binder packing models and applied nanotechnology produces a grout with superior technical performance, exceptional rheological properties, and uniquely, extended open times

MasterFlow 9400 meets customer demands of all value players in the onshore market and offers a wide variety of benefits.

Excellent durability:
  • Ultra-high compressive strength: above highest class of EN206, i.e. > C100/115 
  • Ultra high modulus for exceptional stiffening properties.

Secure maintenance free installation:

  • Excellent fatigue resistance.

Fast and cost-effective installation:

  • Quick return to service and removal of temporary sup-ports due to high early strength build-up. ≥ 50 MPa @ 24hrs at 20°C 
  • No segregation or bleeding to ensure consistent final physical performance and to prevent pump blockages. 
  • Dust reduced for ease of handling 
  • Can be pumped into complex areas or areas inaccessible to conventional grouting methods

Direct contact

Richard Elins

Operations Business Manager - Offshore WTG


MasterFlow 9400 SDS

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