MasterGlenium 199

High range water reducing admixture for concrete

How does MasterGlenium 199 work?

MasterGlenium 199 is a unique blend of powdered superplasticizers based on modified polycarboxylic ether in water soluble sachets. The product has been primarily developed for the use in the concrete industry to increase the consistency of a mix whilst maintaining the highest durability and performance.
The primary application is for subsequent addition following initial mixing. For example: increasing/recovering the workability of a concrete following delivery without the addition of water and so ensuring the water/cement ratio is maintained as per the design requirements.
What differentiates MasterGlenium 199 from other generations of polycarboxylic ether is a unique mechanism of action that greatly improves the effectiveness of cement dispersion. The sulfonic groups of the polymer chains increase the negative charge of the cement particle surface and disperse these particles by electrical repulsion.
This electrostatic mechanism causes the cement paste to disperse and has the positive consequence of requiring less mixing water to obtain a given concrete workability. MasterGlenium 199 has a different chemical structure from the traditional superplasticizers. It consists of a carboxylic ether polymer with long side chains.
At the beginning of the mixing process it initiates the same electrostatic dispersion mechanism as the traditional superplasticizers, but the side chains linked to the polymer backbone generate a steric hindrance, which greatly stabilises the cement particles' ability to separate and disperse.
Steric hindrance provides a physical barrier (alongside the electrostatic barrier) between the cement grains. With this process, flowable concrete with greatly reduced water content is obtained.

What is MasterGlenium 199 used for?

MasterGlenium 199 is used for subsequent recovery/increase of workability and allows transportation of a lower workability mix whilst bringing the workability up to the required levels at the job site. The transport of a high workability mix can be avoided.
The excellent dispersion effect makes MasterGlenium 199 the ideal admixture for the high quality concrete industry. The ability to work with an extremely low water/cement ratio allows for the manufacture of high performance concrete with high early (18-24 hours) and final strengths. Concrete of high density, low permeability is also produced.

What are the benefits of MasterGlenium 199?

MasterGlenium 199 offers the following benefits:

  • MasterGlenium 199 does not require expensive dispensers or bulk storage tanks.
  • Flowable concrete with the lowest water/cement ratio without segregation or bleeding.
  • Allows reduction of curing cycles - i.e. time or temperature.
  • Allows concrete production at low temperature.
  • Less vibration required even in case of congested steel reinforcement.
  • Less workmanship required.
  • Improves concrete surface finish and texture.
  • Easily transported and stored.

MasterGlenium 199 increases:

  • Initial and final compressive strength.
  • Initial and final flexural and tensile strength.
  • E-modulus.
  • Adhesion to reinforcement and prestressed steel.
  • Resistance to carbonation and chloride ion attack of concrete.
  • Resistance to aggressive atmospheric conditions.

MasterGlenium 199 decreases:

  • Risk of shrinkage and creep.

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Technical Services Manager

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MasterGlenium 199 Declaration of Performance

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MasterGlenium 199: Technical Data Sheet

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