MasterInject 900

A re-injectable hose waterstop system for construction and cold joints in concrete

What is MasterInject 900?

MasterInject 900 is a blue flexible PVC hose available in two sizes. The hose comprises a solid core and lateral openings covered by neoprene strips, all banded by an open webbed nylon mesh.

What is MasterInject 900 used for?

MasterInject 900 is designed to replace waterbar for use in concrete structures which contain joints other than expansion joints and subject to hydrostatic pressure on one or both faces of the structure. Its use prevents passage of water through concrete joints in water reservoirs / tanks, canals, dams, sewage treatment plants, liquid storage vessels, any sub base concrete construction and water excluding or retaining structures.

What are the benefits of MasterInject 900?

MasterInject 900 offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates costly design, welding and installation of waterbar.
  • Water cannot penetrate treated joint and rebar, unlike traditional installation where water is in contact with the reinforcement up to the waterbar.
  • The installed system assures a watertight structure.
  • Fast easy installation procedures even to complicated design detail.
  • Proven and predictable performance.
  • Joints can be tested for watertightness before backfilling or membrane tanking operations.
  • System enables retro-injection, to stop leaks caused subsequently by settlement or structural movement at the construction joint.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • Possible to retro-fit against existing structures.

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MasterInject 900: Technical Data Sheet

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