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    MasterKure 111WB

    Evaporation retardant and finishing aid for concrete

    How does MasterKure 111WB work?

    MasterKure 111WB is an evaporation retardant and finishing aid that helps produce high quality concrete finishes. It retards water evaporation, regulates the surface condition of the slab, and permits better adherence to finishing schedules.
    Since MasterKure 111WB retards evaporation, it is especially effective in combating rapid drying conditions (high concrete and/or ambient temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight, work in heated interiors during cold weather, etc.)

    What is MasterKure 111WB used for?

    MasterKure 111WB is recommended for use with plain concrete.

    What are the benefits of MasterKure 111WB?

    MasterKure 111WB offers the following benefits:

    • MasterKure 111WB reduces surface moisture evaporation by approximately 80% in wind and approximately 40% in sunlight. It has no effect on the cement hydration process. Concrete strength (early and ultimate), abrasion resistance and durability are not altered, except for the improvement in overall quality resulting from control of rapid evaporation.
    • MasterKure 111WB gives concrete a better finish with less work. It eliminates or reduces crusting, stickiness and underlying sponginess, which often results in unevenness and poor surface texture. The surface closes better under the trowel.
    • Reduces and, in many instances, eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting of flat surfaces. Also supplements the recommended practises for hot weather concreting. Under some conditions, MasterKure 111WB will provide the necessary safeguard against the ill effects of evaporation.
    • Allows lower workability and lower unit water content in concrete used for flatwork, since MasterKure 111WB virtually eliminates the need to add extra mixing water to compensate for rapid evaporation during finishing.
    • Encourages the use of air-entrained concrete, required for durability and workability, in situations where air entrainment might be avoided for fear that it would increase concrete’s susceptibility to crusting and stickiness under drying conditions.
    • Increases the amount of surface handled per finisher, even under rapid drying conditions, as the surface remains plastic and workable for a longer time. Thus work can proceed whereas, without MasterKure 111WB, it might be postponed to avoid finishing problems.
    • Timing of the various finishing operations is less critical, thus reducing overall cost.


    MasterKure 111WB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (71.41 Kb)

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    MasterKure 111WB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (71.41 Kb)