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    MasterKure 207WB

    Solvent-free curing compound based on aqueous wax emulsion

    Unprotected concrete surfaces under unfavourable conditions such as low humidity, sunlight, high temperatures or strong wind can lose up to 4 kg of water per square metre every hour through evaporation. This can cause problems with plastic shrinkage cracking and affect the overall integrity of the concrete to a depth of around 20 mm. 

    An effective curing treatment is a cost-effective way to counteract challenging environmental conditions and improve the surface layers' quality in terms of tensile strength and density.

    What is MasterKure 207WB?

    MasterKure 207WB is a solvent-free, sprayable curing compound based on an aqueous wax emulsion. MasterKure 207WB provides high water retention efficiency, and meets the requirements of the Austrian RVS 11064 part 2 (curing compounds for concrete).

    How does MasterKure 207WB work?

    After spraying, MasterKure 207WB forms a dense, water-insoluble membrane that protects the treated concrete or mortar surfaces from drying out too quickly as the mixing water evaporates. 

    MasterKure 207WB does not contain any substances that could retard the surface of the concrete.

    What is MasterKure 207WB used for?

    MasterKure 207WB is used to assist the cure fresh concrete and other cementitious surfaces.

    What are the benefits of MasterKure 207WB?

    MasterKure 207WB offers the following advantages:
    • ​Free of organic solvent
    • Sprayable with readily available equipment
    • Excellent water retention
    • High initial water retention >85%
    • High water retention after 2 hours >95%
    • Reduced labour costs
    • Economical in use​


    MasterKure 207WB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (69.85 Kb)

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    MasterKure 207WB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (69.85 Kb)