MasterLife - concrete admixtures to enhance the durability of concrete


How does MasterLife enhance the durability of concrete?

The MasterLife product family of admixtures impart a wide range of properties into concrete that provide resistance to deterioration caused by abrasion, corrosion of steel, alkali silica reaction, sulfate attack, and drying shrinkage cracking.

What makes MasterLife a unique solution?

Depending on the specific product selected, the MasterLife brand of solutions provides just the right performance in concrete for mitigating deterioration caused by the aggressive exposure conditions. The result is a more durable concrete mix with increased service life potential.

MasterLife Products

MasterLife SRA 900

MasterLife SRA 900 is a liquid shrinkage reducing admixture which reduces both the autogenous and drying shrinkage of concrete

MasterLife 314

MasterLife 314 produces controlled expansion in ordinary Portland cement based mixes and maintains high water retention for curing. It also contains a water-reducing agent, which allows reductions in water/cement ratio.

MasterLife WP 799

MasterLife WP 799 is a powdered “One Bag” version of BASF’s Watertight System. MasterLife WP 799 is a high performance integral waterproofing system for wet cast concrete incorporating combined waterproofing and superplasticising components.
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BASF Watertight Solutions - Technical Specification

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MasterLife SRA Brochure

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Power Floated Concrete: Product Application Guide

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Watertight Concrete Solutions brochure

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