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    MasterLife durability-enhancing concrete admixtures

    Resistance to deterioration for longer service life 

    How does MasterLife enhance the durability of concrete?

    The MasterLife range of admixtures gives concrete a wide range of properties to provide resistance to the deterioration caused by abrasion, steel rebar corrosion, alkali-silica reaction, sulphate attack and drying shrinkage cracking.

    What makes MasterLife a unique solution?

    Depending on the product specified, the MasterLife series of solutions provides just the right performance in concrete to mitigate the deterioration caused by the aggressive exposure conditions. The result is a more durable concrete mix with increased service life potential.

    MasterLife Products

    MasterLife CI 35

    Corrosion-inhibiting admixture for steel reinforced concrete

    MasterLife SRA 900

    MasterLife SRA 900 is a liquid shrinkage reducing admixture which reduces both the autogenous and drying shrinkage of concrete

    MasterLife WP 588

    Elastomeric watertight brushable or sprayable membrane  

    MasterLife WP 590

    Mortar for filets and plugs

    MasterLife WP 754

    Pre-applied FPO waterproofing membrane for below ground concrete structures

    MasterLife WP 910 & 912

    Hydrophillic waterbar and mastic system for construction joints.

    MasterLife WP 925

    Hydrophillic rings and plugs for formwork tie holes

    MasterLife WP 799

    MasterLife WP 799 is a bagged high performance integral waterproofing admixture for ready mixed concrete incorporating combined waterproofing and superplasticising components.

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    The benefits of admixtures for the construction process

    The construction industry is facing quite a number of challenges: The commitment to sustainable construction requires new solutions...


    MasterLife SRA 900: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (147.14 Kb)

    MasterLife WP 754: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (186.97 Kb)

    MasterLife WP 910: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (498.21 Kb)

    MasterLife WP 912: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (147.39 Kb)

    MasterLife WP 925: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (208.94 Kb)

    MasterLife WP799: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (162.98 Kb)


    MasterLife SRA - Efficient Shrinkage Reduction to Increase Concrete Durability Brochure

    pdf (1.08 Mb)

    Power Floated Concrete - Product Application Guide

    pdf (6.22 Mb)

    Watertight Concrete Solutions Brochure

    pdf (12.69 Mb)