MasterLife SRA 900

Shrinkage reducing admixture for concrete

How does MasterLife SRA 900 work?

MasterLife SRA 900 is a liquid shrinkage reducing admixture which reduces both the autogenous and drying shrinkage of concrete, while maintaining its mechanical properties. The admixture is composed of carefully selected organic compounds which chemically reduce the capillary forces within concrete. MasterLife SRA 900 does not contain any expansive material.

What is MasterLife SRA 900 used for?

MasterLife SRA 900 is suitable for 

  • Concrete with a specified or reduced shrinkage level
  • Concrete with crack width limitation requirements
  • Concreting in adverse weather conditions (wind, sun)
  • Concreting with high quality and/or in large volumes
  • Industrial floors or pavements
  • Floors for sports centres (skating rinks, tennis courts, running tracks, etc.)
  • Prestressed elements (e. g. concrete beams, hollow core slabs)
  • Fixed elements (e. g. containments, sedimentation tanks, fixed walls)
  • Façade panels (especially when it is made out of HPC, VHPC or UHPC)
  • Hydraulic structures (e. g. tanks, reservoirs, swimming-pools, concrete in marine environments)
  • Foundations and underpinnings
  • Road and railway tunnel vaults

What are the benefits of MasterLife SRA 900?

MasterLife SRA 900 offers the following economic and technical benefits to the Ready-Mix and Precast industries

  • Highly efficient shrinkage reducing admixtures 
  • Reduced autogenous and drying shrinkage at dosages of 1% by weight of cement
  • High cement compatibility and excellent strength retention properties
  • Reduced crack widths for an increased durability
  • Increased joint spacing in slabs are possible
  • Almost no emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) (Class A+ for all samples)
  • No impact on superplasticizer dosage

Direct contact

Ian Ellis

Technical Services Manager

+44 7966 123447


MasterLife SRA 900: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (97.61 Kb)

Power Floated Concrete: Product Application Guide

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