MasterLife 314

Expanding plasticizing agent for cement based grouts, mortars and concrete

How does MasterLife 314 work?

MasterLife 314 produces controlled expansion in ordinary Portland cement based mixes and maintains high water retention for curing. It also contains a water-reducing agent, which allows reductions in water/cement ratio, hence increasing compressive strength and durability. Full expansion is achieved before initial setting occurs resulting in a positive bond.

What is MasterLife 314 used for?

MasterLife 314 is suitable for use in Underpinning. The inadequate protection against corrosion offered by normal grouts is due to:

  • High macro-porosity caused by bleed water collecting under strands and in the upper part of the sheath. When bleed water evaporates and is reabsorbed by the cement paste, voids form thus providing easy access for corrosive substances. European recommendations on prestressed concrete (FIP) prescribe that the volume of bleed water must not exceed 0.5%. With use of MasterLife 314, the volume of bleed water is considerably lower: it ranges from 0 to a maximum of 0.3%, depending upon the type of cement used.
  • Low water/cement ratios are achievable (0.35-0.40) affording low permeability.
  • Shrinkage of cement paste and consequent cracking. MasterLife 314 allows shrinkage to be eliminated and also slight expansion to occur during setting and hardening.
  • MasterLife 314 is a chloride free product, which is especially important in the case of cables.

What are the benefits of MasterLife 314?

MasterLife 314 offers the following benefits:

  • A cement plasticizing and water reducing agent to improve the free-flowing properties of the grout at low water/cement ratios.
  • An expanding agent, which develops hydrogen gas during the hydration process, thereby increasing the volume of the grout, which in turn eliminates the shrinkage and sedimentation characteristics, which would otherwise normally be encountered.
  • A controlled rate of expansion of the grout to ensure full expansion with various sources of cement.
  • Does not contain any chlorides or nitrates.

Direct contact

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Technical Services Manager

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MasterLife 314: Technical Data Sheet

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