MasterPel 793

Water resisting admixture for concrete

How does MasterPel 793 work?

MasterPel 793 is a highly penetrative low viscosity emulsion for surface application to concrete, masonry and blockwork surfaces, or for use as a high performance integral waterproofer for wet or dry cast concrete. On curing it provides a waterproof surface/product with minimum effect on the original appearance and texture.

What is MasterPel 793 used for?

MasterPel 793 is suitable for surface use on decorative stone and concrete; drives and forecourts; patios and paths; masonry and brickwork; concrete walls.
MasterPel 793 is also suitable for integral use cast stone; concrete bricks, blocks, block paving; precast wet or dry concrete.

What are the benefits of MasterPel 793?

MasterPel 793 offers the following benefits:

  • Provides frost resistance.
  • Inhibits algae and moss growth.
  • Preserves original appearance.
  • Stops or reduces efflorescence.
  • Reduced water permeability.
  • Improves colour retention.
  • Low odour, low toxicity formula.

Direct contact

Ian Ellis

Technical Services Manager

+44 7966 123447


MasterPel 793 Declaration of Performance

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MasterPel 793: Technical Data Sheet

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