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    MasterProtect coatings and corrosion inhibitors 

    How do MasterProtect products work?

    Concrete protection is crucial for the longevity of concrete structures and the return of damaged surfaces back to their original appearance and design function. The MasterProtect product system from Master Builders Solutions offers long-term protection and durability for structures, protecting them for years to come.

    What makes the MasterProtect product systems unique?

    The MasterProtect system includes a range of high-performance water repellents, elastomeric and high-build anti-carbonation and chemical resistant coatings that counter challenging weather conditions, environmental contaminants and corrosive elements.

    The portfolio also incorporates a special range of corrosion inhibitors such as galvanic anodes and surface-applied corrosion inhibitors, formulated to permeate the concrete and control corrosion directly at the steel reinforcement.

    MasterProtect system support – the most cost-effective solution

    Our experts at Master Builders Solutions are committed to giving you the right information and the most cost-effective solution for your protection or restoration challenge. By diagnosing the right products to protect against the ingress of carbon dioxide, water and chloride ions from the start, we can significantly enhance your structure’s value and service life and avoid further deterioration and spalling.

    Anti-carbonation coatings

    Coatings that provide advanced, long-term protection of concrete structures and steel reinforcements against the ingress of carbon dioxide, chlorides and water.

    Chemical-resistant coatings

    Impervious, resilient protection for concrete structures and steel reinforcements that are exposed to chemical contaminants.

    Hydrophobisation and impregnation

    These high-quality specialty products for both standard and reinforced concrete act as water repellents and maintain the original appearance of the substrate, allowing moisture vapour to escape while sealing and protecting concrete for years to come.

    Cathodic protection

    Leading-edge corrosion protection for the concrete’s steel reinforcements.​
    Anti-carbonation Coating

    MasterProtect 320

    MasterProtect 320 one-part, ready-to-use, water-based coating with acrylic polymers gives excellent protection against carbonation for concrete/other structures

    MasterProtect 330 EL

    MasterProtect 330 EL one-part, ready-to-use, water-based coating with high-performance acrylic polymers for elastic crack-bridging and anti-carbonation

    Cathodic Protection

    MasterProtect 860 CP

    MasterProtect 860 CP anodic conductive cementitious mortar for concrete cathodic protection tackles active corrosion of steel reinforcement and its prevention

    Corrosion Inhibitor

    MasterProtect 8500 CI

    MasterProtect 8500 CI is a dual-function, silane-based, surface-applied corrosion inhibitor, suitable for use as part of a corrosion prevention, protection, or inhibition strategy.

    Corrosion protection

    ​MasterProtect 9000

    MasterProtect 9000 is a highly durable polyurethane coating system for offshore structures ensures long-term integrity – up to 25 years’ protection against corrosion

    Hydrophobic Impregnation

    MasterProtect H 303

    MasterProtect H 303 is a one-part clear water repellent based on alkyl alkoxysilane for protecting vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. BD 43/03 compliant.

    Direct contact

    Chris Gallivan

    Product Manager, Construction Systems - UK & Ireland

    +44 7966123422


    MasterProtect 8500 CI - Dual-phase Corrosion Inhibitor for Reinforced Concrete Structures

    pdf (2.32 Mb)

    MasterProtect 8500 CI - Quick Assessment Guide

    pdf (9.56 Mb)

    MasterProtect 8500 CI - Specifier Handbook

    pdf (1.63 Mb)

    MasterProtect 9000 Highly Durable Coating for Offshore Foundations

    pdf (963.96 Kb)