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    MasterProtect 9000

    Highly durable polyurethane coating system for offshore structures

    In an aggressive marine environment, to protect structures takes a high-performance offshore coating system with a proven track record. MasterProtect 9000 is the first system to be able to ensure 25-year protection.

    How does MasterProtect 9000 work?

    The MasterProtect 9000 membrane’s flexibility ensures long term integrity even after years of exposure in a marine environment to weathering, vibrations and thermal expansion cycles. Its chemical and mechanical resistance are designed to withstand severe offshore conditions: seawater, waves, abrasion and impacts, which are especially prevalent in the splash and submerged zone. The result: continuous protection against steel corrosion.

    Where to use MasterProtect 9000?

    MasterProtect 9000 is appropriate for a wide range of marine applications, such as support structures for wind turbines and transformer platforms as well as oil and gas. It can also be applied to sheet piling in port facilities and sea locks. Using the appropriate primer, MasterProtect M 9000 can be used on most substrates, including concrete.

    What makes MasterProtect 9000 different?

    MasterProtect 9000 is the first coating system for offshore structures to ensure 25 years of protection, thanks to its high-build PU membrane providing properties for long durability in offshore environments.

    MasterProtect 9000 is unlike conventional epoxy solutions, as its specially formulated polyurethane forms a highly hydrophobic and crack-free coating, ensuring the full encapsulation of the structure. MasterProtect 9000’s greater thickness provides full protection, preventing any external attacks from salts, waves or impacts.

    MasterFlow 9000 system meets the requirements of NORSOK M-501 tests for the splash zone and the submerged zone.

    MasterProtect 9000 meets all the demands of all parties in the offshore market and offers a wide variety of benefits.

    Excellent durability:

    • ​Active zinc primer developed for the submarines of the German Navy.
    • Novel corrosion protection based on polyurethane hybrid for a general long-term lifetime > 25 years.
    • Highly hydrophobic for a continuous long-lasting with seawater.
    • No embrittlement but remains permanently elastic, even at very low temperatures.
    • The coating film exceeds average impact and abrasion resistance

    Secure operations:

    • ​Support of bubble curtains for noise reduction during offshore pile-driving 
    • The signal yellow topcoat is particularly UV-stable and retains its true colour
    • MasterProtect 9000 is the first coating system for offshore structures to ensure 25 years of protection, thanks to its high-build PU membrane that provides properties for long durability in offshore environments. 

    Fast and cost-effective installation:

    • ​Minimisation of labour and increased number of cycles in serial production.
    • All three coats can be applied within a regular shift (8h).
    • Primer and topcoat contain only small amounts of solvents and comply with regulations.
    • Polyurethane hybrid is 100% solvent-free​

    Direct contact

    Richard Elins

    Operations Business Manager - Offshore WTG

    +44 7901512902

    Direct contact

    Pauric Whelan

    Offshore Key Account

    +44 7825967882


    MasterProtect 9000 Highly Durable Coating for Offshore Foundations

    pdf (963.96 Kb)