MasterRheobuild 2000PF

A superplasticizer for high performance concrete and a dispersing agent for MasterRoc micro-cements for ground injection


How does MasterRheobuild 2000PF work?

MasterRheobuild 2000PF is an admixture containing multifunctional, water soluble sulphonated polymers of various chemical compositions, specifically affecting the different mineralogical components of cement.

When MasterRheobuild 2000PF is added to concrete, the molecules of the polymer, having a negative charge, absorb onto the surface of the cement grains. This causes an electrostatic repulsion to occur amongst the cement grains, making their dispersion in water easier and consequently the mix more flowable. The action of MasterRheobuild 2000PF occurs even when Portland cement clinker is mixed with other materials (e.g. pozzolans, fly ash, slags and microsilica) in the production of blended cements.

What is MasterRheobuild 2000PF used for?

MasterRheobuild 2000PF is designed for use in the manufacture of high quality concrete, such as pre-cast concrete tunnel linings; trackbed concrete; segment and structural members cured at normal and elevated temperatures; cast in-situ concrete tunnel linings; pre-stressed and post tensioned concrete; annulus grouts for backfill grouting in tunnels; sprayed Concrete; high early strength, high workability concrete; underwater concrete and structural concrete.

MasterRheobuild 2000PF can also be used To disperse MasterRoc micro-cements for injection applications

What are the benefits of MasterRheobuild 2000PF?

MasterRheobuild 2000PF offers the following benefits:

  • High early and ultimate strengths
  • Allows the improvement of all hardened concrete properties such as permeability, bond to steel, dimensional stability and durability
  • Chloride free (zero added chloride)

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MasterRheobuild 2000PF: Technical Data Sheet

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