MasterRoc HCA 20 

Cement hydration control system for wet and dry sprayed concrete, grouting and cement injection

How does MasterRoc HCA 20 work?

MasterRoc HCA 20 is a high quality, liquid, non-chloride chemical admixture which controls the dynamics of cement hydration. It delays hydration by suspending the hydration process and enabling re-activation hours or even days later with no loss of quality in the hardened sprayed concrete. 

When dispensed into wet or dry mixes at the batching plant it fully stabilizes the hydration process by forming a protective barrier around the cement particles. MasterRoc HCA 20 can be used with all types of cement minerals (C3S, S3A, C2S, C4AF and gypsum). 

In order to re-activate the hydration process and accelerate the strength gain in mixes stabilized with MasterRoc HCA 20, MasterRoc SA alkali-free accelerator is added at the nozzle or injection point. 

What is MasterRoc HCA 20 used for?

MasterRoc HCA 20 is suitable for use in:
  • Tunnelling and mining
  • Temporary and permanent support
  • Slope stabilization
  • Annulus grouting (TBM)
  • Cementitious injection systems.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc HCA 20? 

MasterRoc HCA 20 offers the following benefits:
  • With the use of MasterRoc HCA 20, wet and dry concrete mixes can be kept workable for up to 3 days. This provides considerable benefits in the batching and utilization of the concrete.
  • Fully flexible delivery options for sprayed concrete mixes.
  • No cleaning of pumps or pipes during work interruptions.
  • Complete use of wet and dry mixes – no waste disposal.
  • Time and cost saving.
In addition to these benefits related to its function as a hydration control system, it also provides considerable reduction of rebound and dust.

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MasterRoc HCA 20 Declaration of Performance

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MasterRoc HCA 20: Technical Data Sheet

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