MasterRoc SA 186

Alkali-free, liquid high performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete

How does MasterRoc SA 186 work?

MasterRoc SA 186 is a high performance alkali free set accelerator for sprayed concrete. It is ideally suited to wet-mix sprayed concrete for temporary and permanent ground support in tunneling and mining, and slope stabilization. It is also suitable for the acceleration of cementitious grouts such as for annulus grout in TBM tunnels, cemented ground injection and foam concrete.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc SA 186?

  • Dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times.
  • Quick setting property allows rapid work progress and the ability to construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence.
  • Unique product formulation provides fast setting, continuous early-age strength development, high durability and good long-term strength.

How does MasterRoc SA 186 benefit customers?

  • Very low dust generation during application and therefore a good working environment.
  • Possibility of low rebound applications when using the correct nozzle angle and distance.
  • Non-aggressive properties provide improved working safety reduced environmental impact and lower handling costs.

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