MasterSeal 754

Pre-applied FPO waterproofing membrane for below ground concrete structures

How does MasterSeal 754 work?

MasterSeal 754 is a pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system consisting of highly flexible polyolefin membrane and a designed non-woven fleece. This unique system provides a durable mechanical bond, which is created when the fleece is completely adhered to the fresh concrete. MasterSeal 754 is cold applied and pre-applied, as it is installed without heat or open flames and before the steel reinforcement is placed and the concrete is poured.

What is MasterSeal 754 used for?

MasterSeal 754 is suitable for:

  • Below grade concrete slabs
  • Below grade walls with both single (blindside forming) and double-faced formwork (open cut)
  • For prefabricated construction
  • Residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial, leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses
  • Engineered structures, such as retaining walls, tunnel galleries, potable water tanks, waste water storage treatment structures and tanks

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 754?

MasterSeal 754 offers the following benefits:

  • No need for protection screed.
  • Provides time and labour saving.
  • Fast installation: layout, jointing and detailing.
  • Weather resistant with temporary UV-stability during installation.
  • No lateral water migration in the event of damage.
  • Resistant to aggressive mediums in soil.
  • Crack bridging ability.
  • Overlapping areas are self-adhesive. No need for any extra tape to overlap.
  • High elasticity at low temperatures.
  • It is resistant to 5 bar water pressure.
  • High mechanical impact resistance.

MasterSeal 754 Accessories


  • MasterSeal 754 IC - Inside corner accessory for MasterSeal 754 application
  • MasterSeal 754 OC - Outside corner accessory for MasterSeal 754 application
  • MasterSeal 934 - Waterproofing tape for MasterSeal 754 application

Direct contact

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MasterSeal 754 IC: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (80.32 Kb)

MasterSeal 754 OC: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (80.50 Kb)

MasterSeal 754: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (81.06 Kb)
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