MasterSeal 910

Hydroswelling waterbar for construction joints

How does MasterSeal 910 work?

MasterSeal 910 is a hydroswelling waterbar, ready for installation, to waterproof joints in concrete structures. The product is based on a special polymer technology that acts by swelling on exposure to water, to form a seal and render the joints leak-proof.

What is MasterSeal 910 used for?

MasterSeal 910 hydroswelling waterbar is suitable for all construction joints subject to hydrostatic pressure, on one or both sides.  Application areas include joints between abutments of concrete and rock, masonry, rafts and walls in tunnels and basements, steel and concrete pipes, H-king, and precast elements.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 910?

MasterSeal 910 offers the following benefits:

  • Swells in contact with water by up to 200% - prevents water ingress even when the joint width varies.
  • Water molecules held by molecular attraction – captured water does not get transported through capillaries.
  • The volume expansion effect is equally effective in fresh water so as in high salt content water (sea water, brackish water).
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, fuels and oils.
  • Controlled swelling – minimise the risk of damage to concrete.
  • Does not form foam or gas with water – durable seal as no air bubbles can breakdown and allow leaks.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Reversible swelling process.
  • Resistant to micro-organisms formation.
  • Can seal joints with up to 5 bars water pressure.

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BBA Certificate MasterSeal 910 / 912

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MasterSeal 910 PART B SDS

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MasterSeal 910: Technical Data Sheet

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