MasterSeal 925

Hydroswelling rings and plugs for formwork tie holes

How does MasterSeal 925 work?

MasterSeal 925 are hydroswelling rings and plugs, ready for installation, to waterproof formwork tie holes. The products are based on a special polymer technology that acts by swelling on exposure to water, to form a seal and render the tie holes watertight.

What is MasterSeal 925 used for?

MasterSeal 925 hydroswelling rings and plugs are suitable for waterproof formwork tie holes. Application areas include: 

Water retaining structures: 
  • Water tanks 
  • Reservoirs 
  • Dams 
  • Water Treatment Plants 
  • Sewage Treatment Plants 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Bund Walls 

Water excluding structures: 
  • Basement
  • Underground car parks 
  • Tunnels & Subways 
  • Retaining walls 

What are the benefits of MasterInject 900? 

MasterSeal 925 offers the following benefits:
  • Fast and easy to install 
  • Swells in contact with water by up to 200% - providing excellent sealing capabilities. 
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, fuels and oils. 
  • Controlled swelling – minimise the risk of damage to concrete. 
  • Outstanding chemical resistance. 
  • Reversible swelling process. 
  • Resistant to micro-organisms formation. 
Watertight Concrete Solutions

Watertight Concrete Solutions

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