MasterSeal M 336

Crack bridging waterproofing membrane with medium chemical resistance

What is MasterSeal M 336 and where is it used?

MasterSeal M 336 is a highly elastic epoxy – polyurethane waterproofing membrane  that provide longer durability to concrete structures subjected to a chemically aggressive environment combined with movements in the structures due to vibration or dilatation.
MasterSeal M 336 is used in industrial process areas where concrete structures are affected by water containing dissolved aggressive chemicals.
MasterSeal M 336 is also used as waterproofing membrane for water management industry, especially in areas with medium chemical aggressiveness.

MasterSeal M 336 – high elasticity and crack bridging with medium chemical resistance for longer concrete durability

MasterSeal M 336 is a two component membrane with high elasticity and crack bridging properties that offers an excellent protection to concrete against the carbonation and the penetration of hazardous substances dissolved in water.
In case of crack formation, MasterSeal M336 will remain unbroken and the continuity of the membrane will be preserved. This ensures the concrete protection.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal M 336 for you?

Long term durability, even in outdoor applications being resistant to UV exposure, makes MasterSeal M 336 an excellent choice for a general purpose waterproofing and protection membrane.
Masterseal M 336 elasticity is maintained over time as it does not contain solvents or substances that migrate and reduce its long term elasticity. Elasticity is maintained even at low temperatures.
MasterSeal M 336 is applied fully bonded and monolithic to substrate without laps, welds or seams. It is a safe and long term solution.
Fully certified product according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.

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MasterSeal M 336 Declaration of Performance

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MasterSeal M 336: Technical Data Sheet

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