MasterSeal M 391

Waterproofing membrane approved for contact with potable water, wine, oil and foodstuff

What is MasterSeal M 391 and where is it used?

MasterSeal M 391 is a solvent free and ftalate free epoxy membrane especially formulated for the "vitrification" of wine vessels, and tanks for holding oil and cereal bins.
MasterSeal M 391 is also used for waterproofing of potable water tanks and reservoirs.
MasterSeal M 391 blue and white is approved for contact with potable water and oil, cereals, etc
MasterSeal M 391 yellow and red is approved for contact with wine, beer, etc.

MasterSeal M 391 – the simple solution for waterproofing and finishing tanks and silos intended to be in contact with all types of foodstuff including potable water, oil, wine, cereals etc.

MasterSeal M 391 has all raw materials included in the positive lists of allowed substances to be used in contact with foodstuff and provided in European regulations.
MasterSeal M 391 complies with the limitations provided by law with regard to the use and migration.
With the use of primers, MasterSeal M 391 bonds monolithically to the concrete or steel substrate.
MasterSeal M 391 is approved for contact with wine by the Italian Wine Association.
MasterSeal M 391 has high chemical resistance and is not affected either by action and contact of oil, wine and other chemicals.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal M 391 for you?

MasterSeal M 391 is sprayable and applicable using a roller or a brush (depending on the type).
When hardened, MasterSeal M 391, has a non absorbent, glossy surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.
MasterSeal M 391 is applied fully bonded and monolithic to substrate without laps, welds or seams. It is a safe and long term solution.
Fully certified product according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.

Direct contact

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Product Manager

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MasterSeal M 391 Declaration of Performance

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MasterSeal M 391: Technical Data Sheet

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