MasterSeal M 686

A two component, hand applied, rapid curing, chemically resistant polyurea waterproofing membrane

What is it and where is it used?

MasterSeal M 686 is a hand applied rapid curing polyurea membrane, where the speed of cure enables structures to be recommissioned with minimal downtime.
MasterSeal M 686 is used in a variety of concrete waterproofing applications such as detailing work around manhole covers and upstands on reservoir roofs, secondary containment, raw water tanks, waste water and bio gas plants, digestors, commercial roofing, podium decks and balconies. 
MasterSeal M 686 – Excellent chemical resistance and elasticity
MasterSeal M 686 is a two-component hand applied polyurea membrane that offers, both elasticity to bridge cracks in the substrate and excellent chemical resistance. MasterSeal M 686 provides similar chemical and physical properties to regular spray applied polyurea but without the requirement for specialist pump and spray equipment . This enables small areas to be applied that would otherwise but prohibitively expensive with conventional equipment. 

What are the benefits of MasterSeal M 686?

  • Waterproof, elastic, continuous coating, without joints or overlaps
  • Does not require a topcoat, UV stable
  • Can be applied on horizontal surfaces, self-smoothing 
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces and soffits with the addition of a thixotropic additive
  • Rapid curing will accept light foot traffic after 4 hours @ 20ºC
  • CE marked conforming to  UNE EN 1504-2
  • Highly elastic, can bridge cracks
  • Remains elastic at low temperatures (approx.-45ºC)
  • Does not soften at high temperatures
  • Excellent mechanical resistance 
  • Impermeable to water vapour and gases
  • Low risk of blistering
  • Excellent chemical resistance tested to EN 13529
  • Resistant to rain showers hours after application 

Direct contact

Chris Gallivan

Product Manager

+44 7966123422


MasterSeal M 686: Technical Data Sheet

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