MasterSeal M 800

Spray applied polyurethane membrane for roof and park deck waterproofing systems


What is and where to use MasterSeal M 800?

MasterSeal M 800 is a solvent free, two-component polyurethane waterproofing membrane. MasterSeal M 800 is used in a wide range of waterproofing applications such as roofs, bridge decks, car park decks, podium decks, cut and cover tunneling and basement waterproofing. Using the appropriate MasterSeal P primer, MasterSeal M 800 can be applied fully bonded, onto most substrates including concrete, steel, cement screed, glass, reinforced polyester, timber etc.

MasterSeal M 800 is the most successful and long term used polyurethane waterproofing membrane

MasterSeal M 800 is applied by means of a suitable two component spray machine. This allows the quick reaction to proceed and ensures a rapid and safe application of the membrane. MasterSeal M 800 sets in few seconds and is fully hardened and operational only after 2 days. Once hardened, MasterSeal M 800 has high elasticity and crack bridging properties, necessary to avoid water leakages in case of moving cracks in substrates. MasterSeal M 800 is resistant to puncture and to standing water.


How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterSeal M 800?

MasterSeal M 800 is to be spray applied and as it is fast curing enables easy application to form a monolithic waterproofing membrane on simple and complex surfaces with vertical elements or complicated details. MasterSeal M 800 is a continuous membrane with no laps, welds or seams. MasterSeal M 800 is a safe solution: Fully bonded MasterSeal membrane systems prevent the water circulation between the layers even if there is a leakage, helping its detection, localization and repair.

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MasterSeal M800: Technical Data Sheet

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