MasterSeal M 869

Fast curing membrane and wear coat for use in car park deck waterproofing systems

What is MasterSeal M 869 and where is it used?

MasterSeal M 869 is a solvent free, self leveling two-component polyurethane membrane.
MasterSeal M 869 is applied normally as waterproofing membrane or on other Masterseal polyurethane waterproofing membranes as a wear coat.
MasterSeal M 869 is primarily intended for use in the car park deck Masterseal waterproofing systems.
MasterSeal M 869 can be used in MasterSeal 2263 and MasterSeal 2264 car park systems meeting the specifications of German standard DIN V18026 type OS11 for indoor and outdoor use.
Using the appropriate MasterSeal P primer, MasterSeal M 869 can be applied to most substrates including concrete, steel, cement screed, glass, reinforced polyester,  etc.

MasterSeal M 869 is the multipurpose coat for parking deck systems for use indoor and outdoor

MasterSeal M 869 has a long workability but it is recoatable only after 9 hours.
Once hardened, MasterSeal M 869 has high elasticity and crack bridging properties, necessary to avoid water leakages in case of moving cracks in the deck.
MasterSeal M 869 is resistant to puncture and to standing water.
MasterSeal M 869 provides a hard wearing and skid resistant surface.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal M 869 for you?

MasterSeal M 869 is to be hand applied and forms a monolithic waterproofing membrane on simple and complex surfaces with complicated details.
MasterSeal M 869 forms a continuous membrane with no laps, welds or seams.
The use of wear coats is the necessary step in parking deck waterproofing to ensure durability of the system and thus, long term performance of the waterproofing membrane, being protected from mechanical loads.
MasterSeal M 869 withstands loads imposed by traffic and chemical aggression produced by fuels, battery acids and hydraulic oils.
Fully certified solution according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.


MasterSeal M869: Technical Data Sheet

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