MasterSeal P 691

An adhesion promoting primer for application between MasterSeal polyurethane membranes

What is MasterSeal P 691 and where is it used?

MasterSeal P 691 is a solvent based, single component, polyurethane primer.

MasterSeal P 691 is used to promote adhesion between MasterSeal polyurethane membranes. As example between a new membrane to an aged membrane e.g. in repair applications.

MasterSeal P 691 is also used on aged membranes when renewing or repairing the UV protective top coat.

MasterSeal P 691 can also be used as a primer on sand broadcast epoxy primers prior to the application of a spray applied membrane in applications where the membrane is permanently exposed to water.

MasterSeal P 691 is an essential part of the waterproofing toolbox system for roofs and for parking decks

MasterSeal P 691 shows excellent adhesion excellent adhesion to aged membranes.

MasterSeal P 691 is especially necessary in applications where the membrane is permanently exposed to water.

MasterSeal P 691 is single component and low viscosity. Therefore is very easy to apply simply using a squeegee and / or a roller.

MasterSeal P 691 has a very low consumption and a long re-coating interval. This facilitates the application of following coat.

MasterSeal P 691 conforms to the EU directive 2004/42/EG (Deco-Paint directive) and contains less than the maximum limit of allowable Volatile Organic Content (VOC).

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal P 691 for you?

As part of the toolkit primers for the MasterSeal waterproofing systems for roofs and parking decks, MasterSeal P 691 complements the other MasterSeal P primers to ensure the adhesion of the waterproofing system to all substrates.

Fully bonded membrane systems prevent the water circulation between the layers even if there is a leakage, helping its detection, localization and repair.

MasterSeal P 691 ensures the adhesion of the waterproofing membranes in case of need of repair, or renovation of the waterproofing system.

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MasterSeal P 691 SDS

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MasterSeal P691: Technical Data Sheet

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