MasterSeal TC 681

Fast and low temperature curing, pigmented polyaspartic topcoat with high mechanical and weather resistances for protecting poyurethane and polyurea waterproofing membranes used in parking top deck waterproofing

What is MasterSeal TC 681 and where is it used?

MasterSeal TC 681 is a two component, pigmented, fast and low temperature curing, UV-stable, non-yellowing, elastic top coat with glossy finish on broad casted coatings.

MasterSeal TC 681 is primarily intended as the top coat in car park deck applications.

MasterSeal TC 681 is the high mechanical and UV resistant topcoat for waterproofing systems used on parking top decks

MasterSeal TC 681 is fast and low temperature curing.

MasterSeal TC 681 has excellent mechanical properties and hard wearing.

MasterSeal TC 681 is elastic and crack bridging.

Applied on exposed surfaces, MasterSeal TC 681 shows very good UV resistance and color stability.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal TC 681 that you will enjoy?

The use of MasterSeal topcoats in waterproofing systems protects the membrane from mechanical damages (especially wear and abrasion) and improves the aesthetical appearance of the finished system.

MasterSeal TC 681 improves the durability of the waterproofing system, protecting the membrane from the action of weather.

Masterseal TC 681 is quick hardening. Therefore it shows short „ready for traffic” times.

MasterSeal TC 681 has an attractive appearance and low dirty retention. Therefore it is easy to clean and maintain.

Fully certified solution according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.

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MasterSeal TC681: Technical Data Sheet

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