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    Concrete set time adjusters 

    How does MasterSet adjust concrete set times?

    The MasterSet product series is a comprehensive range of admixtures that allows concrete producers to modify the setting time of concrete according to their specific project needs.

    What makes MasterSet a unique solution?

    Depending on the product selected, MasterSet admixtures enhance acceleration or retardation of cure. The hydration controlling products in the range are ideal for the stabilisation of long-haul concrete.

    What does the MasterSet range include?

    MasterSet products include:

    • ​Ready-to-use setting-time retarders that increase concrete setting time for a more uniform and predictable quality concrete that facilitates placing and finishing.
    • Setting time accelerators that decrease concrete setting time, improving early concrete strength and finishing characteristics.
    • Our innovative hydration controlling admixtures manage cement hydration, providing an economical alternative for dealing with slump loss and allowing returned plastic concrete or concrete wash water to be reused or recycled.​

    MasterSet Products

    MasterSet R 510

    MasterSet R 510 is a set retarding admixture for mortar and concrete

    MasterSet AC 555

    MasterSet AC 555 is a ready-to-use liquid admixture formulated to accelerate setting time and to produce high early strength in special application concretes.

    MasterSet DELVO 111

    MasterSet DELVO 111 is a unique chemical admixture that stabilises the hydration of all cement components by the formation of a protective barrier around cementitious particles. This enables the setting of cement to be controlled over extended periods.

    MasterSet Delvo 122

    MasterSet Delvo 122 hydration control admixture for zero waste concrete stabilises cement hydration, stabilising wash tailings and allowing part-load reuse

    MasterSet R 513

    MasterSet R 513 is a ready-to-use powder set controlling agent, designed for use in conjunction with MasterAir 760.

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    MasterSet AC 555: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (92.26 Kb)

    MasterSet DELVO 111: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (96.59 Kb)

    MasterSet DELVO 122: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (135.31 Kb)

    MasterSet R 510: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (166.22 Kb)

    MasterSet R 513: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (64.31 Kb)